23 January, 2020

At Akaba we are passionate about matter in its purest expression. We know it down to the last detail. Thanks to this knowledge, we understand that, just like matter, impulses, rules and synergies also exist which unite and strategically organize the individual particles to the benefit of everyone. At Akaba, we believe in the organic nature of structures and organizations. And, since we act the way we feel, we have created two events focussed on their combination:

Our most effective work tool

Because we know that work isn’t everything; that we all have our individual desires and hopes. Every vital moment in people’s lives is special and different. In them we experience specific desires and needs. And that’s natural. Some people are driven by spending quality time with their family and friends, while for others promotion at work is what matters most, and yet others are passionate about what they do in their free time, or perhaps about their training.

That’s why we have created a tool which has become one of Akaba’s major assets with the passing of time:

Hitzarmen is an agreement between all of us at Akaba to improve work systems, discuss performance, life-work balance, future goals, wages, etc. All individual and organizational details of vital importance for our company’s good health.

Because at Akaba, the customer is always the focal point. We understand that a motivated worker means a happy customer and a happy company. That’s why Hitzarmen is a powerful tool for dynamic improvement to make every person happier in this organism which has you at its centre.

Spark, dynamism and identity

We believe that people are not simply a part of Akaba, but that they constitute Akaba. Thus, their health, the rhythm of their lives, their knowledge and their behaviour influence and generate the energy with which we project ourselves to the exterior. At Akaba, we believe that workers know the customer, that they understand work flows better than anybody and that they realize the potential improvements required by the company’s internal structure.

For all of these reasons, we are committed to solidarity, to managing knowledge, to listening actively and to greeting one another every morning as the ingredients of this artisan technique with which we weave the raffia that connects us, that unites us, that brings us closer to each of the individuals who make us what we are.

Spark is the space where all of this becomes a reality. Together we define who we are and identify our mission and values. Mainstays with which we identify as a company with an obvious client focus, where the professional development of people, team work, transparent and participatory management, together with a commitment to the natural and social environment create the warp that unites us and brings us closer to our users every day. To you, our true vocation.