About us

1986: AKABA was the concept of three young entrepeneurs, who had the idea of creating a company that could manufacture furniture by spanish designers that they would promote internationally.

Motion and emotion, design is at the heart of AKABA. Akaba's philosophy is to stay true to its heritage of passion in design, materials and production detail whilst embracing new techniques, processes and technology in the manufacture of its iconic range of furniture. AKABA's commitment is to its global customers and one of the values of this dynamic organisation is to demostrate continual improvement in bringing innovative design to market that is cost effective, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our home

Our staff, our greatest asset.

Quality, environment and awards

Our commitment to quality processes, management and the environment has been recognised many times. Thank you all!

— quality and environment

— Awards

  • “Príncipe Felipe” award to the Business Competitiveness 2002
  • National Design Award 2000


At AKABA we strongly believe in the commitment and co-operation towards our social environment. We believe in a different way of doing things!