04 December, 2018

We are pleased to present a new office project made in collaboration with Kontor Still for Vxlab, a company who specializes in managing brands related to the interior design industry.

It’s coherent or it’s wrong. That’s how they see it and that’s how they work.

This young and dynamic company, lead by Jorgre Garcia-Riego, has created iconic projects that we are proud to be a part of. In these projects they incorporate natural light sober colors, plants and well designed furniture, offering up a perfect combination of elements to assist in the maximization of team work.


They have incorporated individual tables from our BAT program, designed by Francesc Rife, with our MUGA-2 office chair and two companion BRANKA chairs, both designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio. A perfect balance.

In the meeting room they have incorporated the BAT table program and our BRANKA polypropylene chairs. The room looks amazing!!