10 January, 2020

Standing serenely on Mount San Pedro in A Coruña we find this restaurant serving cuisine from the Atlantic, yet delicate and subtle. From this local vantage point, Arbore da Veira welcomes discerning diners who take delight from our Hanna chairs in the bird’s eye views, the infinite light, the leisurely table talk following every meal.

Designed by Francesc Rifé, Hanna is elegant, open and reserved like the perfect hostess. The guest feels secure, enveloped and coddled by Hanna, generating an intimate yet socially inviting zone. An attentive and discreet hostess who neither monopolizes the conversation nor acts with affectation. Because we know that it is these warm moments, these intense and fleeting instants that shape our lives. And thanks to Hanna, we help to make them happen.